Content Management System

KDM Manager

Eugenetek Content Management System (CMS) is used to centrally manage theater programming tasks such as building playlist, scheduling, screen control, ingestion and kdm keys from the central head office of the cinema.
CMS is used to Manage content and shows throughout the cinema circuit.

It Generates Reports

  • Scheduling Error’s
  • KDM’s Missing
  • Playback Failures
  • Playback Logs

Our CMS offers the following functions

  • KDM Management, Capable of Listing KDM’s in the circuit, Uploading KDM’s manually for emergency or unplanned screening, Automatic KDM Uploads
  • Content Manager, List content, Delete or transfer content
  • Ingest Manager, Monitor Ingest progress and error’s at the theater level
  • Transfer Manager, Monitor content transfer to locations
  • Schedule Viewer, Create, Delete or Link playlist to Schedules
  • Playlist Editor, Create, Edit, Delete, Transfer, Upload and Download Show Playlist’s
  • Screen Control, Take control of a screen playback when necessary
  • Reporting

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